Producer Services

TVC has the ability to match individual producer pigs to the extensive choice of outlets from heavy cutters to lighter pigs into specialised processors.

Due to high numbers marketed we obtain advantageous contracts over all classes of pigs.

From the selection of suitable breeding genetics to the prompt payment for pigs, be it finished pigs, weaners, stores or cull stock TVC are involved.

Data Analysis

The analysis of carcase data and the feedback of health indicators on the slaughter line form an important link in the chain enabling management & veterinary decisions to be made. This improves product suitability and increases margins for the pig farmer.

Contracts with all the leading pig processors are available to TVC producers.

Health Feedback

Every time a pig is slaughtered this is effectively a post-mortem examination. TVC devote a lot of time in abattoirs examining carcases and feeding the information gathered back to individual farmers, enabling them and their vet’s to make rational decisions regarding health plans and disease control.

Disease costs money. Identifying which diseases are an issue enables strategies to be put in place on farm thus reducing disease levels and increasing profitability.

Guaranteed Payments

All payments, whether for finished pigs, weaners, or cull stock are 100% guaranteed. TVC insure all outstanding amounts thus safeguarding producer’s payments.

Payments for all classes of stock are prompt and are carried out through TVC’s BACS computerised payment system thus reducing risk and working capital requirements.

Breeding Stock

TVC continually review the breeding stock on offer from all the main genetics houses, assessing their suitability for the exacting requirements of the various outlets including liaising in re-stocking and depopulation planning.

TVC are able to offer producers breeding stock and AI at attractive agency terms from the leading breeding Companies.


Through years of experience in the UK Pig Industry the TVC team are able to give Pig Producers a wealth of advice, not only on Pig Marketing, but also other areas. Amongst the areas of expertise are the following:

  • Housing
  • Management
  • Genetics
  • Nutrition & Diet formulations
  • Farm Assurance

If in the unlikely event of the TVC team being unable to address a query we can generally recommend a contact who can solve the problem.