Outlet Services

TVC have the ability to supply all weights of pigs from dedicated and professional producers throughout the United Kingdom.

The supply chain is disciplined in producing pigs to well established welfare standards and are delivered on high quality and assured transport as and when required.

Quality cull sows & boars are also available in large quantities for the manufacturing trade.

Dedicated Chain

Pigs of known quality, matching the processors needs, are supplied from suitable pig farms.

Pig units are monitored for production methods, welfare standards and veterinary product usage through recognised Farm Assurance Schemes.

Production systems and inputs are recorded so that product traceability and integrity can be easily monitored.

Farm Assurance

All pig units are Farm Assured to outlets requirements.

Farm Assurance visits take place quarterly checking on production systems and animal welfare standards. Unit veterinary surgeons are closely involved in the assurance schemes and are vital members of the farm management teams.

Product integrity and traceability from farms in this disciplined and dedicated chain are major benefits to processors.


To enable the smooth throughput of plants TVC supply all outlets with a schedule of pigs to be delivered on a weekly basis.

Numbers of pigs to be supplied on an individual farm basis together with details of farm assurance scheme numbers, pig identification marks, time of delivery and the haulier carrying out delivery are provided to each outlet at the end of the week prior to delivery.

Among the benefits of this scheduling are minimum stress to animals, efficient deployment of factory staff and quick turn around of delivery vehicles.

Health Monitoring

Trained TVC staff and experienced Pig Veterinary Surgeons carry out health monitoring of carcasses on the (slaughter remove) (replace with processing) line at regular intervals or as required.

Not only is this of benefit to the pig farmer, improved health ensures the smooth flow of pigs down the processing line.