Reviewing Water Delivery Systems

By 2nd January 2016News.

Covered in depth at our Pig Fair in October, this is such a key area that it warrants another mention.  Nigel Penlington, from the AHDB Pork environment team comprehensively covered how to set up and maintain an efficient water delivery system.

Questions for the coming year:

  • How efficient is your system?
  • Have you been putting off replacing that leaking drinker?
  • Are you using more water than you think you should but don’t know where that leak is?
  • Do you have a “map” of your water supply to help in routine maintenance and troubleshooting?
  • Is the water pressure at “pig level” sufficient to supply the needs of the pigs, if not how can it be improved?
  • How easily and accurately can you medicate via the water system?
  • When was the system last cleaned and disinfected?–it is amazing what can be clogging up those pipes!

If you would like any advice on reviewing and upgrading your water systems please contact the GVG Pig Office

Courtesy of The George Vet Group

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