Impending Biosecurity Proceedures – 1st August 2015

It is our understanding that legislation will come into effect with regards to new bio security requirements at processing plants across the industry from 1st august 2015 .

The rules have been included into the British Meat Processor Association Pork Scheme, their introduction will be implemented to improve bio security measures and to reduce the risks of spreading diseases due to poor cleansing and disinfection.

It states that  “All pig livestock vehicles Shall be thoroughly Cleansed and disinfected prior to leaving the site.” for further guidance see the BPEX report- Effective Cleansing of livestock vehicles at UK abattoirs.

Many UK Abattoirs have Known about this for some time and have invested large amounts of money to up grade and build new washes to ensure adequate facilities are available. All sites will have a documented standard operating procedure (SOP) for the cleansing and disinfection of vehicles.

The Guide times are as followed for vehicle cleansing

Artic (triple deck)    2 hours 15 minutes

Drawbar combination (double deck)    2 hours Rigid

(triple deck) 1 hour 45 minutes

These values have been arrived at by the discussion with livestock hauliers.

It will be imperative that scheduled delivery times are adhered to by all parties in the process to ensure an efficient  transition to the new standards