Do You Feel Isolated and Alone?

By 1st February 2016News.


Right, now I’ve got you reading, I have to confess this is about isolation of pigs, not people.  Isolation of replacement breeding stock – both gilts and boars – represents a crucial aspect of biosecurity for any breeding herd and is still far too often overlooked.  We have had several unfortunate incidents of late where high value gilts or boars have become ill, or in some cases died, due to sheer build-up of contamination in isolation accommodation, especially outdoors.  Very common diagnoses in these cases have been combined infections with coccidiosis, salmonellosis and ileitis.  All 3 problems are more commonly seen in much younger pigs but we are now seeing this “triple whammy” causing big problems for high health gilts or boars delivered from relatively clean yards at the multiplier to dirty/neglected isolation pens.  It can literally be the death of them!  “Acclimatisation” may well be part of your unit intake strategy but the emphasis should be firmly on “bugging” them up not “bu**ering” them up.


Isolation of sick pigs is also important – both in terms of sick pigs acting as a source of infection for healthy pen/housemates, and in terms of providing proper facilities for the care and recovery of sick pigs.


If you need further advice on either aspect of isolation accommodation, please ask any of us.

Courtesy of The George Vet Group

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