BPHS and How You Can Support It!

By 11th February 2016News.

The current contract for BPHS service comes to an end this summer and whilst we all hope that this service will be retained, this is by no means guaranteed as AHDB Pork seek to balance the books.

To date the service has been provided FOC to all levy payers.  If you are not currently signed up and are selling fat pigs to any of the major pig plants, please do so.  The more people are signed up, receiving and acting on their health reports, the better all round and AHDB Pork would then be more likely to continue funding the scheme.  For the same reasons, if you are signed up, and value the service, please let AHDB Pork know!

The BPHS service is a crucial tool for all sorts of reasons and I believe will become even more useful as a monitoring tool going forward bearing in mind the huge pressure on antimicrobial use in the pig industry.  The CCIR service provided by the Food Standards Agency is currently just not capable of providing vets or farmers with the reliable health information we all need to make informed decisions.

Courtesy of The George Vet Group

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